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  • STOP #TTIP/#TAFT - Action in Brussels

    7 March 2014

    Rally in front of DG Trade, Brussels, against TTIP negociations: Thursday March 13, 10AM. The event is organised by D19/20, Alter Summit, Blockupy Europe*, S2B Network and Attac TTIP.
    Rally in front of DG Trade, Brussels
    Between 10th-14th March 2014 the latest round of free trade negotiations between the EU and the US take place, discussing the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). TTIP is wrongly being held up as a solution to the ongoing economic crisis, which sees public services being cut to pay for the wreckless financial sector. Even the European Commission’s own (...)

  • Next steps, actions and campaigns !

    18 November 2013

    The Alter Summit in Athens was a first important step in the setting up of a European social movement able to exercise a power relation and defend a real democracy against austerity (consult here the objectives for the next 18 months).
    At their Assembly in Brussels on 18-19 October 2013 , the member organisations of the Alter Summit decided, according to the principles affirmed in the Peoples’ Manifesto [http://www.altersummit.eu/manifeste/article/le-manifeste-66] launched in Athens [last Juny] , to organise actions as well as to support and strengthen actions initiated by network members (...)

  • Alter Summit June 7th and 8th !

    14 April 2013

    On June 7th and 8th the Alter Summit took place in Athens with all European movements and organizations.
    Read the press release of the Alter Summit.
    This event was organized with the Greek social movement with the support of civil society organizations, trade unions, NGOs, political and cultural personalities from all around Europe.
    The Alter Summit in Athens is a step forward in the building of more convergence between movements opposed to the current anti-social and anti-ecological policies promoted by European governments and institutions.
    The plenary session on June 7th
    The (...)

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