In France the strike goes on. Support it!

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The social movement opposes the project to introduce a points-based pension system and calls for an improvement of the existing system, which has suffered a deterioration as a result of previous reforms.

Updated on January 16

Excerpt from the inter-union communiqué of January 15:

Despite the Prime Minister’s announcements and after 6 weeks of an unprecedented social movement, which we welcome, the majority of the population still supports the mobilization against this absurd and unjust project (60% support, according to the Harris Interactive barometer of January 14).
The CFE-CGC, CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, UNEF, UNL, MNL, FIDL trade union organisations, which together form a majority, demand the maintenance of the existing pension schemes based on a system of annuities and solidarity and intergenerational pay-as-you-go.
The inter-union group brings forward proposals to improve the rights of all in the current pension plan. They are based on social contributions and the wealth created by work.
This is why the trade union organisations CFE-CGC, CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, MNL, UNEF, UNL and FIDL are calling for general assemblies to continue and further amplify the mobilisation in order to obtain the withdrawal of this project and the opening of real negotiations on the basis of our proposals.

Our organisations call on the whole world of work and on young people to continue and strengthen the strike, including the renewal of the strike wherever the employees decide. They call for strike action and inter-professional convergences throughout the country on 22 and 23 January. They propose to organise "Torchlight Retreats" or other initiatives in all cities on the evening of Thursday 23rd.

They call for Friday 24 January, the date of the Council of Ministers which should examine the bill, to be made a massive day of strikes and inter-professional demonstrations.

Read the entire communiqué (in French)

The strike goes on! Support it!!!

Updated on January 15

Under pressure from the mobilization, the government announced a temporary withdrawal of the pivotal age of 64. Indeed, some trade unions were not opposed to the project of point-based pensions, but were opposed to this pivot age. This withdrawal can therefore be understood as a strategy to divide the trade union front.

Moreover, the debate on police violence weakens the government’s position, particularly that of the Minister of the Interior, after the publication of several videos.

Be that as it may, the CFE-CGC, CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, MNL, UNEF and UNL front wants to continue mobilizing until the bill is withdrawn completely.

Tomorrow, 16th of January, a new day of action is planned!

Updated on January 10

Following a new and strong mobilization on Thursday, January 9, the Inter-Union calls for the strike movement to continue and strengthen. It calls for a new day of popular action on Saturday, January 11 and Tuesday, January 14 and the following days.

Link to the inter-union declaration (in French)

Updated on January 6

The social movement in France begins a crucial week. During the end-of-year holidays, the strike was maintained, mainly in transport, especially at the SNCF and RATP (Paris).

The government reaffirmed, through the voice of Mr. Macron in the wishes to the French people of 31 December, its willingness to maintain the reform of the pension system.

A day of action, strike and demonstration is scheduled for Thursday, January 9. Today, Monday 6 January, several workers’ assemblies will be held at different refineries in the country. A prolonged strike in this sector could weaken the government’s position. The arm wrestling continues!

Updated on December 30

The strike goes on! Support it!!!

Updated on December 20

Inter-union declaration of 19 December calling for the movement to continue and calling for a big day of action on 9 January 2020.

On Monday 16 December, the High Commissioner for Pensions and the author of the preliminary study on pension reform, Jean-Paul Delevoye, had to resign. Indeed, he had "omitted" to inform on some of his remunerated mandates, moreover in the field of private insurance, which constitutes an obvious conflict of interest. This fact further weakens the government’s position.

Updated on December 17

A day of action and mobilization is planned for Tuesday, December 17. Many rallies are planned:

There is a lot of talk about the transport strike, but there are many actions in several sectors:

Trade union support comes from all over the world.
Compilation of letters of international support received by the CGT
In addition....
CNE/CSC Motion of Support
Support from Verdi

List of online pools:

Updated on December 11

Since 5 December, the French social and trade union movement has been mobilising against a anti-social reform of pensions (see below).

Since that day, several sectors have been on a repeatable strike, such as transport and energy. The watchword is mobilization until the bill is completely withdrawn.

The Prime Minister’s announcements on 11 December did not satisfy the trade union organisations. In short, the strike continues. New major days of action are scheduled for December 12 and 17.
Analysis of Solidaires on Prime Minister’s annoucements (in French)

Engaging in such an arm wrestling match with the government requires significant sacrifices for workers, particularly financial workers. That is why we invite you, as an individual or organization, to financially support strikers through the following online pools:

Updated on December 6

In France, the mobilization on pensions continues: strikes renewed since December 5 in transport, in some schools and companies. Tuesday 10 will be another inter-professional day of demonstrations after they brought together 1.5 million demonstrators on 5 December. The government is not giving up while trying to make partial concessions to the more striking sectors.

Inter-union Declaration (in French)

In France, a showdown is underway against the government over pensions.

The social movement opposes the project to introduce a points-based pension system and calls for an improvement of the existing system, which has suffered a deterioration as a result of previous reforms.

The CGT, FO, FSU and Solidaires as well as student and high school unions are calling for a strike on December 5. They were joined by the CGC and at local or sectoral level by other trade union organisations.

Calls to renew the strike exist in several sectors, including transport. The assembly of the assemblies of the Yellow Vests called for joining the movement; feminist organizations, young people fighting against precariousness as well.

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