EU-Africa: Regularization VS Readmission

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We are seeing an increase in racist and discriminatory acts against migrants and refugees. In addition, we are also witnessing the proliferation of bilateral and European agreements aimed at deporting "illegalized" persons.

In response to this context, the International Coalition of Undocumented Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers (CISPM), in collaboration with other social forces, is mobilising this June to demand that European governments end their policy of war on migrants and stop imposing it to the whole world. The CISPM also demands African, Asian and Latin American governments to refuse to associate themselves with agreements with the EU or its member states that would facilitate deportations or the violation of the rights of their nationals.

More precisely, the demonstrations which will take place in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy but also in Ivory Coast and Mali will have as demands:

The regularisation of all persons without residence status present on European territory (including Switzerland, Norway, etc.);

The termination of any readmission agreements between the EU, European states and countries of origin or transit (including any bilateral agreements or parts of agreements having the same purpose) that provide for the deportation of hundreds of thousands of "illegalized" undocumented migrants each year.

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