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  • What alternative economic policies to get out of austerity ?

    6 June 2013

    Seminar between economists
    June 7th, 16:30
    Olympic Stadium (Irini station)
    (Interpretation EN, FR, EL)
    organized by Économistes Atterrés and EuroPen
    Short introductions:
    Bruno Théret ( Université Paris-Dauphine) José M Mella (Econonuestra Spain) John Milios (National Technical University of Athens Greece)
    Mariana Mortagua (Economist and member of Left Block Portugal)
    Sarah Brennan (Political Analyst Ireland)
    and dialogue with the participation of Cédric Durand (Économistes Atterrés French) Mireille Bruyère (Économistes Atterrés French) Thomas Coutrot (Attac France), Franco Carminati (Attac (...)

  • Austerity and the economic external agenda of the EU

    6 June 2013

    Dialogue between economists, politicians and social movements
    7 June 14:00 Olympic Stadium (Irini station) Room 6, Interviews Hall of Olympic Natatorium (Interpretation EN, FR, EL)
    on the issue of: Austerity and the economic external agenda of the EU
    Welcoming words from Gabi Zimmer (President GUE/NGL) and Nikolaos Chountis (GUE/NGL MEP for Syriza) Short introductions of the issue by:
    Asborn Wahl, (Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees – and Campaign for the Welfare State): Austerity: The hidden agenda of the EU
    Debbie Valencia (Campaign for Migrant Domestic Workers: (...)

  • Labour assembly

    4 June 2013

    Title : Labour - Precarity - Unemployment: change the course of European policies on workers’ rights. Organizing workers struggles in Europe
    With 2 coordinators
    Program of the assembly:
    1) Introduce the assembly giving a framework of attacks to labour rights at a European level [Apostolis Kapsals (scientific collaborator at the Labour Institute of GSEE)] (15’-20’ min)
    2) Presentation of their own experience of a struggle by participants to assembly (5’ each one - 60’ min)
    3) Debate: " struggles, the strategy and the tactics of them, not only to stop attacks on labor rights (...)

  • Reclaiming democracy

    4 June 2013

    Title : Reclaiming democracy - Peoples united against the Troika - Strategising to subvert the EU’s neoliberal economic governance and the Troika
    Saturday the 8th of June
    Preparatory texts :
    Austria The EU response to the crisis has been to impose austerity measures, attack social and economic rights and to roll back democracy. In some countries the main challenge is the Troika and the harsh conditions of the loan programmes, in others it’s the general rules on economic policy of the European Union that has been (...)

  • Commons and public services

    4 June 2013

    Title : Defending the commons: A key (struggle) for change
    Chairmen: Dimitra Spatharidou (Greek Organizing Committee) / Pablo Sanchez (EPSU)
    The Commons Assembly plans to focus on the anti-privatization struggles across Europe, with special focus on countries under the troika like Greece. It will take as case study the successful stories of the European water movement in order to reinforce the notion of common goods in the social movements that are fighting against privatization in public services or for re-municipalisation.
    At the first half of the Assembly, there will be a discussion (...)

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