"People of Europe against the looting of multinationals"

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Press Release - Brussels, 9 October 2014
October 11 is a European day of action denouncing the free trade treaties TTIP, TISA and CETA. Opposition is getting stronger every day as more and more sectors become aware of the threats they pose to our lives and our democracy. Hundreds of actions and activities are planned in more than 15 European countries (www.stop- TTIP-ceta-tisa.eu). This will also coincide with the launch of the European Citizens’ Initiative, bringing together hundreds of thousands of signatures to tell the European Commission to put a stop to these treaties (www.cncd.be/stop-TTIP).

"These treaties represent a full-frontal charge from a system that has evidently failed. Free trade deals always mean more deregulation and liberalization which has led us to the political impasse that we see today." Says Myriam Djegham from the D19-20 Alliance.

She added "These treaties give even more power to private and financial interests at the expense of our lives, our working conditions, our environment, our food ... These treaties give more power to those ’too big to fail’ that we claim to want to master."

"The secrecy around the negotiations is now pierced, but we had to fight to make it so. We need to learn about what our governments and the European Commission want to impose on us, and even now continue to try and hide; citizens have the right to know. That is why we are launching the European Citizens’ Initiative ’stop TTIP’ to gather hundreds of thousands of European signatures from citizens who refuse to accept ’business as usual’ and want to defend democracy." Says Michael Cermak from CNCD-11.11.11.

"It is now about getting organised effectively and en masse to defeat the treaties. This is the objective of the European movement that is taking place. Today is thus another step towards the convergence of different parts of the social movements that are countering the policies of free trade and austerity which damage the lives and work of millions of Europeans." Concludes Van Felipe Keirsbilk, Secretary General of the National Confederation of Employees and founding member of the Alter Summit.

Media Invitation - Media Briefing - Festive Rally
D19-20 Alliance - Alter Summit - CNCD-11.11.11
Saturday October 11 - 14.30 at the Tricoterie
Théodore Verhaegen 158, 1060 Brussels

The above three organisations are organizing in Brussels a festive rally to inform citizens of the dangers of the proposed TTIP, TISA and CETA treaties. In addition, many organizations have already called to mobilize around a big day of action on December 19th in Brussels, on the sidelines of the European Council Summit.
"The treaties being negotiated today are attempting to put another brick in the wall that stops us reaching our social rights. Yet these free trade policies and the social dumping that will result have brought neither growth nor employment. In the logic of all against all, the world of work is lost. "Says Angeli Verbena Union Syndicale Solidaire who will speak at the rally.

Mihaela Popescu for SOS Rosia Montana Brussels, also speaking at the meeting, says, "The evidence is overwhelming from the USA, which shows that fracking is too dangerous to be continued! More and more states and counties of the United States prohibit or impose a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. [...] TTIP and ISDS are closely linked to the issue of hydraulic fracturing. With ISDS, companies could sue States and demand compensation for adopting a ban or moratorium. We must stand together against the multinationals and the laws they want to impose on us. We are the 99%, we must make the rules, and not let the 1% dictate! "