Subversive Forum

Pratical Information

Date: From 7 to 18 May 2013

Place: Zagreb


Subversive Forum (May 7-18), a series of events on the most pressing political issues of today, includes the following conferences :

- Peace Forum (May 7),

- Austerity, Green/d Economy and the Struggle for Democracy (May 8),

- Nationalism, Neoliberalism and the Left Perspectives (May 9),

- Commoning the Future (May 15),

- The Enlargement of Post-Democratic Europe (May 16),

- The European Left and the Global Crisis of Capitalism (May 17).

A special programme of the Subversive Forum is the 2nd Balkan Forum (May 12-14), a platform for alternative social and political mobilizations that will gather more than 50 progressive movements, organisations and actors from across post-socialist Balkans. The Balkan Forum will be dedicated to the following 6 themes : democratization and participation, workers’ struggles, sex and class equality, new economic models, common and public goods, and media and the public sphere.

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