Alter Summit Declaration of Solidarity with the the movements of strikes and demonstrations in France November 16, 2017

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The Alter Summit coordination group sends its warm support to the social movements in France, which are preparing a day of interprofessional, student and high school mobilizations on 16 November with strikes and demonstrations everywhere in France.

The Macron ordinances on the Labour Code, which extend and worsen the El Khomri law, are part of the reform agenda of national governments and European institutions. A programme that systematically attacks the rights of all European populations and will continue to do so if widespread resistance does not stop it. From this point of view, the resistance of the French social movement is central to all our struggles." (statement of Alter Summit June 2016

Social movements are also opposed to other Macron government measures such as job cuts and wage freezes in public services, the end of subsidized contracts, the reduction of APL (financial help for housing), the CSG increase (tax on incomes financing social security), reforms in apprenticeship, vocational training, pensions and unemployment. (, but they are also opposed to the deterioration of public health services (1) and denounce a policy in favor of rich people specially through tax giveaways. (

The Alter Summit coordination group calls on its members to support social movements in France.

Please circulate this call and send any information on possible actions you may take to

We will do our best to document this day and the calls for solidarity on our website

We also invite you to participate in the conference on 8 December 2017 in Brussels "European Resistance to Labour Law Reforms: what’s after ?" (19:30, Rue Plétinckx 19): Based on experiences of resistance, we want to discuss current and future challenges in the world of work as well as to provide reflexions for a better articulation of struggles in this field.

Brussels, 15 November 2017

1. Alter Summit appeal, Oct 5,2017: