Alter Summit’s decisions and proposals for the coming months

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First of all, Alter Summit reiterates its will to work with all social and political forces fighting for another Europe. Alter Summit will join, according to its action capacity, any initiative. We will work for struggle convergence keeping our autonomy.

The Assembly decides :

1. To hold a European Conference on Social and Labour rights in Autumn.
This process will also be our contribution to the different initiatives to « re-democratize Europe » as DIEM25 or the Madrid Conference hold on 19th-21st of February to strengthen their economical/social/labour aspects.
Ingredients for a successfull conference :
- creation of a trade union dynamic in and outside Alter Summit (collaboration : TUNE, ETUC-ETUI,...)
- clear definition of the framework of the conference (labour rights, May Day initiative in Greece, climate transition, 5 Presidents letter,...)
- the choice of the date will be taken in April the latest
- a working group will lead the process (send an email to if you want to integrate the working group)

2. To elaborate a political declaration/clarification on migratory issues and the political issues it rises

a) the causes of migration (wars, structural adjustments, economical domination, climate)
b) the opening of the borders
c) equality of rights for all
d) the racist and autoritarian drift of the European society through the rising of the far-right (islamophobia, postcolonialism)
e) our support to all movements supporting migrants and refugees in Greece and elsewhere
On this basis, Alter Summit invites all its member organisations to get involve in the movement supporting migants and refugees.
Petition : European intellectuals call for solidarity with refugees...

3. Follow up of TTIP & Co Campaign
We want to stop TTIP negotiations and to break the CETA’s ratification. We assume both local and global resistance are necessary ; and that local resistances can become a strength if they are strongly coordinated.
The participation of an AS delegation to the event organize between social movements and free-TTIP municipalities in Barcelona on 22nd of April (local aspects of the struggles)
Sideline this event, we will organise a meeting on 21st to meet Spanish (and Portuguese) social movements to exchange on reciprocal expectations in a context of EU blackmail to political alternatives.
Preparatory working group : Secretariat, Spanish members of AS, through our contacts (Mareas, AS Spanish TU, Marchas)

4. Taking contact with movements, organisations and collectives

- in Turkey and Tunisia (inviting them to the next AS assembly)
- in Greece, Spain and Portugal : concerning expectations
Question : wich support are we able to bring ? How to highlight the struggles in these countries ?
Possibility : send a delegation (with trade unionists) in these countries

5. Alter Summit reiterates its support the the European days of action against Health commercialisation on April 7
The European Network against Health privatisation want to hold this days of action every year.
Alter Summit calls its members to support and participate to local actions planned in different countries.
You could find the call here
And a facebook event here :

6. March 18 : participation of Alter Summit’s members to the Climate Justice Action Conference in Amsterdam.
More informations

7. Alter Summit takes note of the proposal for a European day of action on May 28 launched during the PlanB Conference in Madrid and will contact the initiators to clarify its participation.

8. Alter Summit will contact its members individually to discuss their commitment with the network (possible in different ways). A letter will be elaborate. In it, we will propose our action plan for 2016 and remember some of the steps of our Network.

9. Alter Summit wants to improve its communication capacities, internal as well as external.
A share calendar (TeamUp) will be elaborate in order to have a global view of the activites of member organisations. The assembly invites all members to use this too (detailed instructions will be send soon).
Moreover, a working group will do some proposals concerning usefull tools to strengthen our communication capacity.
We remind you the existence of the that can be used to exchange information about local activities.

10. A next Alter Summit’s assembly will take place in May/June
. The date will be communicated as soon as possible after evaluating the global calendar.

More informations contacting