April 7 : european day of action against Health commercialization

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April 7 is the World Health Day. Its the day choosen by Health users and workers, citizen collectives, trade unions and NGOs to demonstrate against Health commodification.
Alter Summit joints this Call!

In several European countries, but also elsewhere, we will denounce the commercialisation and privatisation of Health (and social protection) because they are a threat for people’s access to quality healthcare.

Today, due to the national and european policies implemented these last decades, always more firms, often transnational, share the benefits of what is called « Health market ». Meanwhile, many structures treating the population lack of financial ressources. Our governments continue to sell our Health when negociating free-trade agreements as TTIP or TiSA.

Let’s defend our Health and all healthcare services from the rapacity of transnational corporations !

On April 7, if you want to amplify this message, hang a white sheet on your windows

Use the hashtag #Health4All if you post pictures on facebook, twitter or others. Thank you !

Contact sebastian@altersummit.eu for more informations or visit the website: