WATCH AGAIN. European Conference: “Transatlantic Partnership : for people’s or for big business sake ?”

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Wednesday March 12, 2PM

Venue: Pletinckxstraat 19, 1000 Brussels


Susan George, Mike Dolan (USA)

Felipe Van Keirsbilck, CNE, Belgium

Julien Rivoire, FSU, France

Marie-Dominique Vernhes, ATTAC Deutschland

Bruno Poncelet, FGTB, Belgium

Olivier Hoedeman, CEO, Belgium

Questions and answers

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Susan George, Transnational Institute

Economic & Social Rights
Mike Dolan (Teamsters Union – USA ; Mike was a lead coordinator of the Battle in Seattle against the WTO in 1999) - TTIP from the american workers’ point of view
Bruno Poncelet (FGTB - Belgium): Free trade : a too fairy fairy tale …

Threats against Nature and Food Sovereignty
Karen Hansen-Kuhn ( Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy – USA)
La Via Campesina

Oliver Hoedeman (Corporate Europe Observatory - Brussels): Lobbies & multinationals’ weigth in the EU decision’s making
Arthur Stamoulis (Citizen Trade Campaign - USA) : Citizen’s resistance in the USA

Strategy for our Resistance
Coalition française contre le TTIP

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