The COP26 in Glasgow and the follow-up of the trade union Forum on Ecological and Social transitions

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At the end of October, heads of state from around the world will meet in Glasgow for COP26. Already, many activities and actions are planned to put pressure on them to make sure that the decisions are up to the challenge.

Based on the success of the trade union forum on ecological and social transitions, we believe it is important to bring the voice of workers and to strengthen the presence of labor organizations at this international event.

The COP26 Coalition of UK organisations, groups and trade unions is therefore calling for the following activities:

Decentralised Global Day of Action on Saturday 6 November

The People’s Summit from 7 to 10 November in Glasgow and online

If you would like to participate in the activities or have your own activities planned, please let us know by sending an email to

After the success of the first International Trade Union Forum on Ecological and Social Transitions initiated among others by Alter Summit, we think it is important to continue our work on the issues shared and debated during the 6 days in June.
To do so, we put at your disposal :

The final Declaration of the Forum

The summaries of the workshops in different languages
English - French - Spanish - Russian

These contents seem to us to be the most relevant contributions of the Forum allowing the fight against climate change to be concretised on the ground and in particular in the world of work.

With Alter Summit we intend to continue the work for a social and popular ecological transition!