What is the Alter Summit?

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Any questions about the Alter Summit? Here you will find introductory documents to the Alter Summit. Feel free to spread the word!

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On June 7th and 8th, all European movements and organizations were invited to the Alter Summit in Athens.

This event has been organized with the Greek social movement with the support of civil society organizations, trade unions, NGOs, political and cultural personalities from all around Europe.

The plenary session on June 7th

The feminist delegation at the European demonstration in Athens on June 8th

The portuguese delegation sings Grândola, Vila Morena during the plenary session

A short of the presentation of the manifesto on June 7th in Athens by the Norway Social Forum

The Alter Summit in Athens will be a step forward in the building of more convergence between movements opposed to the current anti-social and anti-ecological policies promoted by European governments and institutions.

It will be a highly symbolic gathering, since Greece has been the laboratory of the destructive austerity and so-called competitiveness policies, but can also become the laboratory of the resistance against austerity.

It will be the occasion to stress that the struggle of the Greek social movements is a European one, and show the solidarity of European organizations and movements towards the Greek struggles.

It will be also the occasion to present the Alter Summit manifesto, voicing the alternative proposals of the social movement against the crisis, and also to celebrate the struggles of the last year, and to propose a common agenda of action. A number of high level representatives of struggles, trade unions, political or social movements will come and show their support and commitment for a truly democratic Europe.

But this Summit of the peoples and its Manifesto will only have sense if they take root in national, sectorial and concrete struggles, and if a large variety of organizations and movements take part in the Alter Summit.