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Movements, networks and European organizations members of the Alter Summit have drafted together a common platform, a “manifesto of the peoples”, including shared analysis, proposals and an agenda.

This manifesto has been presented in Athens on 7th June 2013, in order to say out and loud that the destructive austerity policies are no fatality. Alternative policies exist and should be taken to build the democratic, social, ecological and feminist Europe we all expect !

A people’s manifesto
Our urgent common priorities for a democratic, social, ecological and feminist Europe

Roll back austerity…Claim real democracy !

Download the latest draft version of the Manifesto below
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16 May 2013 Olivier Tétard
1 July 2015 Nieves Morales
13 June 2013 Natalia Kappa agree agree agree
23 June 2013 MOUROT
19 August 2017 MireilleRiou
20 May 2013 Mino Massimei
1 July 2015 Maureen Richter
21 May 2013 marida pontesilli
11 June 2015 Lispet Kristiansen Democracy is a very fragile consept. What we see now with the TTIP, is a very serious threat to our beloved democracy, and mabye the first step to a, so far, unknown dictatorship, a dictatorship of finance. It will not kill you with a gun, but for most people it may kill you slowley. And like all regimes, when it is a fact people stop to act and react. Before this regime is a fact, it already shows us the secresy of will that all dictatorships rely on for their power.
9 June 2013 Leclercq
12 February 2015 Laurent
24 October 2013 klemen How did you do on the latest summit? What are plans for the future?
2 July 2015 Jose Francisco Fernandez
21 May 2013 Jlenia Mancino
21 May 2013 Jlenia Mancino

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