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Movements, networks and European organizations members of the Alter Summit have drafted together a common platform, a “manifesto of the peoples”, including shared analysis, proposals and an agenda.

This manifesto has been presented in Athens on 7th June 2013, in order to say out and loud that the destructive austerity policies are no fatality. Alternative policies exist and should be taken to build the democratic, social, ecological and feminist Europe we all expect !

A people’s manifesto
Our urgent common priorities for a democratic, social, ecological and feminist Europe

Roll back austerity…Claim real democracy !

Download the latest draft version of the Manifesto below
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6 June 2013 Alexandros Ioannidis
6 June 2013 Alexandros Ioannidis I would like to read the Manifesto, because I believe that I shall find it's theses quite in agrrement with most of the things I believe, as far as the economic and social situation of current history of Greece is about.
4 June 2013 Simone d’Antonio Journalis, President of Youth Press Italy
29 May 2013 grazia scocozza we agree with the Manifesto and we want to sign it and partecipate to Alter Summit in Athens. we leave in Greece and ours moviments are LESBIAN GROUP OF ATHENS and rainbow families OIKOGENEIES OURANIOTOKSO
27 May 2013 frosini koutsouti
27 May 2013 Hans Peter It`s time to end the policies that have turned Europe and Germany into castles of man enslaving neo-liberalism. Europe and Germany were something to be very proud of just a couple of years ago, with the welfare state as their biggest success in terms of social values and achievements. Now the welfare state and the overall condition of all working people in Europe is being challenged by the confidence fairy and the austerity myth - do not let big financial interests and ineffective politics destroy the things, that ordinary people have fought for for decades. Stay united, stay solidary!
26 May 2013 Barry Ewart Instead of EC Robin Hood Tax on financial translations of 0.1% could call for 1-5% could bring in billions. Public democratic ownership banks & utilities and give community a say. Have windfall taxes big business. Close tax havens and offshore banking. Need to curb the power of the multi-nationals. I wish us success. Yours in solidarity!
26 May 2013 rudytemmerman
22 May 2013 tile13
21 May 2013 Jlenia Mancino
21 May 2013 Jlenia Mancino
21 May 2013 Jlenia Mancino
21 May 2013 marida pontesilli
20 May 2013 Mino Massimei

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