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Movements, networks and European organizations members of the Alter Summit have drafted together a common platform, a “manifesto of the peoples”, including shared analysis, proposals and an agenda.

This manifesto has been presented in Athens on 7th June 2013, in order to say out and loud that the destructive austerity policies are no fatality. Alternative policies exist and should be taken to build the democratic, social, ecological and feminist Europe we all expect !

A people’s manifesto
Our urgent common priorities for a democratic, social, ecological and feminist Europe

Roll back austerity…Claim real democracy !

Download the latest draft version of the Manifesto below
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19 August 2017 MireilleRiou
27 January 2017 Alexis Maestre-Saborit Justice for Europe.
17 July 2015 TITEUX Pierre
4 July 2015 GARCON
3 July 2015 Gramaglia Christelle Contre notre ennemi commun : la finance ! Ne nous laissons pas diviser. Nous nous en sortirons ensemble ou pas.
3 July 2015 eva petraki Greeks can stand no more austerity! Give us back our future!
3 July 2015 SORAIS Je vote NON à l'austérité en Grèce et oui à la Démocratie.
2 July 2015 Duvert jean Something must be done to stop those who are unable to run world wide economy
2 July 2015 Jose Francisco Fernandez
1 July 2015 Helga Reimund Stopp Austerity! Stopp Neoliberalism! Stopp Corporate Power! Fight for Democracy! Power to the People!
1 July 2015 annie ardoino pour le NON contre l austérité que subis la GRECE ET VIVRE MIEUX pour des discutions pour le bien être des peuples de l Europe .pas de dictas!!!!!!!
1 July 2015 Nieves Morales
1 July 2015 Maureen Richter
1 July 2015 Elissonde
30 June 2015 Andreas Wallbaum 46 signatures ? I thought 99 % would feel concerned :-(

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