Towards convergence of struggles, building bridges for unity !


1. Precarity, a shared reality
by Representatives of the Workfare Movement For the Future (Hungary) and Precarios Inflixiveis (Portugal)

2. Movements against labour reforms – the French Loi Travail
With Nicolas Galapides (SUD PTT) and Arthur Moreau (Nuit Debout)

3. Migration, labour and precarity
With Aboubakar Soumahoro, Unione Sindacale di Base and CISPM (Italy), Eric Nemes, Centrale Générale FGTB, Paco Cabello, SAT-Andalucia, Rania Garcia (Obrem fronteres) and representatives of the One Day Without Us campaign (UK) and CSC-SP (Belgium)

Rest of the workshop: work in working groups around strategies and proposals to build unity.

While divisions in our society are deepening, our society has become an ultra competitive space. Social and economic inequality, as well as precarity and insecurity are normalized. Borders and walls revive a regime of militarized physical separation between "the privileged" and "the unprivileged". Fear, alienation and individualization dominate the public debate.
This situation is weakening our collective power and challenges international solidarity, by forcing us into a survivalist mode.This reality has concrete impacts on our struggles, as it places obstacles on our way to convergence and unity. 

We organize series of workshops during the Alter Summit 2016 in Brussels (November 25&26), to collectively explore this situation by exchanging experiences and initiate a process towards a convergence of our struggles.

What are the division lines amongst the struggling peoples of Europe?
What are the common strategies/ patterns the establishment uses to enhance division?
What positive examples of collectives, grassroots, movements are out there when it comes to unity?
What are the steps to follow towards a political and practical convergence of struggles? 
How could we build a common agenda/campaign for the coming next months/years?

We welcome you to join this very ambitious discussion and share your experiences, ideas and visions during the process. 

With/Avec/Mit/Con: ATTAC-Deutschland (Germany), Ciré asbl (Belgium), Coalition Internationale des Sans-papiers, Migrants, Réfugiés et Demandeurs d’asile (Europe), Comité des Travailleurs.euses sans-papiers de la CSC (Belgium), Global Social Justice (Belgium), Mouvement Ouvrier Chrétien (Belgium), Precarios Inflexiveis (Portugal), Transform/Change4All (Europe)