ES: CIG calls for general strike

the CIG calls for a general strike on June 19. We can’t wait anymore. It is in the game to avoid that the new generations live in worse conditions than the previous ones.

The Spanish government of the PP in a parliamentary minority, full of corruption and impunity, reinforces the cuts in the budgets of the State, while the theoretical opposition of the Spanish left is not able to agree to expel them from the institutions, and end with all these labor and social reforms that cause so much damage. And the Galician government does nothing but follow the neoliberal policies of the state government.

The general strike is the necessary response of the working class to demonstrate to the economic and political power our willingness to fight for the recovery of our rights and for a dignified future.

• Demanding the repeal of labor reforms and collective bargaining.
• To achieve real progress for women.
• To defend public pensions.
• Against employer abuses, reinforced by these anti-wage policies, and the paralysis of collective bargaining.
• To stop the tough policies of the PP against the unemployed.
• End social cuts and the privatization of public services.
• Prevent the backsliding of democratic freedoms and fundamental rights.
• For the democratic regeneration and against the current corruption, before the political and institutional crisis of the regime imposed by the Constitution of 78, which they intend to perpetuate at all costs.

We are aware that this situation is not limited only to our country. The advance of neoliberalism reaches all corners of the planet, and the struggle must be internationalist and solidary. This is demonstrated by the latest struggles and mobilizations on all continents: the mobilizations in Portugal, the ones that hobo against the labor reform of Macron or the struggle of the rail sector in France, Belgium, Italy, mobilizations in Argentina, Brazil and other countries of Latin America, even the American response to Trump’s policies, or big demonstrations in Asia, the days of the general strike in Guinea-Bissau and other countries in Africa ... Labor rights are being attacked everywhere.

Here, in Galicia, we also believe that there are many reasons. And therefore, from the CIG we will not remain impassive in this situation, assuming the responsibility that the working class, which we represent demands of us.

That is why we request the support of your organization, which you can send us through the model that we attach to the email address: