Youth in rebellion!

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An act of individual civil disobedience - the climate school strike of young Greta Thunberg in Sweden - has become a real global movement. Nearly 1.5 million high school and university students mobilized on March 15 for an unprecedented climate strike. More than 2000 demonstrations have been recorded in the streets of 125 countries. A next global strike is already scheduled for May 24.

By Sebastian Franco (Alter Summit)

The message from young people is clear: there is no point in going to school if the future of new generations is compromised by global warming. We must therefore act immediately and vigorously!

This seemingly simple message put the powerful of this world on the defensive: institutions, companies and political parties had to justify their (non-)action and say, of course, they were committed to ecology.

Will this be translated into action? This will depend on the movement’s ability to maintain pressure on the streets and public opinion.

What this mobilization of the very young shows is that the climate issue has become the flag of a new generation. Thanks to their mobilization, a step has been taken to make climate protection a new common sense; "nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come" said Victor Hugo.

While it is true that the majority of demonstrators have mobilized in European countries (and rich countries in general), the fight against climate change is not only for Western youth. For a long time now, in the so-called southern countries, ecological fight has been a daily struggle of the most marginalized populations to preserve the territory, water and air; in short, the defence of life against the violence of resource exploitation. The combination of these struggles will give the climate issue a stronger political force and make the ecological issue the project of social transformation we sorely need, here and elsewhere.

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