Austerity and the economic external agenda of the EU

Dialogue between economists, politicians and social movements

7 June 14:00
Olympic Stadium (Irini station)
Room 6, Interviews Hall of Olympic Natatorium
(Interpretation EN, FR, EL)

on the issue of:
Austerity and the economic external agenda of the EU

Welcoming words from Gabi Zimmer (President GUE/NGL) and Nikolaos Chountis (GUE/NGL MEP for Syriza)
Short introductions of the issue by:
- Asborn Wahl, (Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees – and Campaign for the Welfare State): Austerity: The hidden agenda of the EU
- Debbie Valencia (Campaign for Migrant Domestic Workers: Migrants, austerity and the external agenda of the EU
- Tom Kucharz, Spain,(Ecologistas en Acción, S2B, ATM): Key elements of the external economic relations of the EU

and dialogue with the participation of: Pedro Paez (Economist, Superintendant, Ecuador), Franco Carminati (Attac Belgium), Brid Brennan (Transnational Institute-TNI), Sarah Brennan (Political Journalist/Analyst Ireland), Bruno Poncelet, (CEPAG-FGTB Wallonne), Mariana Mortagua (Portuguese economist), Walter Baier (Transform), Nonoi Hacbang (Transnational Migrant Platform), Isabelle Durant, (VP of the EP, The Greens-EFA, Belgium) Marica Frangakis (Greek economist), Tommaso Fattori, (Water movement, Italy), Mireille Bruyère (Économistes Atterrés), Sonja Abringer (MP, Social-democrat party, Austria), Paul Murphy, (MEP Socialist Party, Ireland), Kenneth Haar (CEO), Jürgen Klute, (Die Linke, coord ECON for GUE/NGL, Germany), Kelly Mulvaney (FELS-Blockupy) , Philippe Lambert (MEP, Greens-EFA, Belgium, tbc), Marisa Matias, (MEP, Blocco, Portugal), and more economists, members of social movements, networks and different political forces

Participants are also invited to take part in the conference organised by EUROPEN and Economistes Atterrés, that will take place immediately afterwards, on the issue:
What alternative economic policies to get out of austerity?

- Paul-Emile Dupret, Tel +32 474 363077
- Tanja Niemeyer, Tel: +32 486 375199