Practical Information

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Assemblies, network meetings and the plenary will take place on Friday and Saturday at the Olympic Stadium (Irini station, 25 min from Omonoia sq. metro station). For direct access to the Olympic Stadium, where the Alter Summit will be held, you can take the Athens Suburban Railway from the airport to the Nerantziotisa station; from there change to the Green Line (Athens Metro) to Irini station.

To get to downtown Athens you can take the Blue Line (Athens Metro) to Syntagma station.
here you can see the venue

The demo on Saturday will take place in the center of Athens. It will start from the Museum (Patision street) and go to SYNTAGMA. In the front will be a big International banner and behind the banner all the international delegations. Greek organisations with their banners will follow.

Various events will take place outside the stadium ; stands, catering, drinks will be available.

Accomodation can be available on-site (400 rooms) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sleeping bags are needed. 5 € contribution will be asked for the cleaning costs.

Registration fees are up to 5 €. You can also pay a support fee of 10 €.

Organizations can book a 2 meters stand for 2 days outside the stadium for 20 €.

List of Hostels

start at 16 € per person 3bed room

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