What alternative economic policies to get out of austerity ?

Seminar between economists
June 7th, 16:30
Olympic Stadium (Irini station)
(Interpretation EN, FR, EL)
organized by Économistes Atterrés and EuroPen

Short introductions:
Bruno Théret ( Université Paris-Dauphine) José M Mella (Econonuestra Spain) John Milios (National Technical University of Athens Greece)
Mariana Mortagua (Economist and member of Left Block Portugal)
Sarah Brennan (Political Analyst Ireland)

and dialogue with the participation of Cédric Durand (Économistes Atterrés French) Mireille Bruyère (Économistes Atterrés French) Thomas Coutrot (Attac France), Franco Carminati (Attac Belgium), Marica Frangakis (Greek economist), Pierre Kalfa (Fondation Copernic French) Ivan H Ayala (Econonuesta Spain) Sara Farolfi (Sbilanciamoci Italy) and many others economists, members of social movements, networks and political forces

Participants are invited to also take part in the conference organized by GUE/NGL, on the issue of : Austerity and the economic external agenda of the EU (14:00 to 16:30 same place)

- Mireille Bruyère, mimibruyere@gmail.com