Media unions worldwide oppose closure of Greek public broadcaster ERT – a call for resistance

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UNI MEI Global Union joins all workers at the Greek public broadcaster ERT and
their trade union POSPERT in their protest over the immediate closure of ERT. In response to the demands of the Troika asking for further dismissals in the Greek
public service the Finance Minister abused emergency powers to stop ERT’s
transmissions and shut down all public and TV stations in Greece as of today.

We call on Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, to reverse this incomprehensible and
dangerous decision immediately, said EURO-MEI President William Maunier
(SNRT-CGT, France).

On behalf of all broadcasting workers represented by our affiliates we oppose the
Greek’s government decision to shut down ERT. This decision will deprive citizens
of a vital pillar of democracy. It will punish a dedicated, passionate and skilled
workforce that has made sacrifices over the past years to modernise ERT and
meet the financial challenges.

The ERT is fulfilling an important role in the Greek audiovisual and broadcasting
landscape by providing inclusive and diverse programming, promoting the cultural
heritage and giving access to major events and non-mainstream programmes at
the same time. It ensures local and regional cohesion thanks to its important well
run network of regional radio and TV stations. Greek citizens need a modern public
media in the digital environment.

UNI MEI President, Gerry Morrissey (BECTU, UK) said “All our broadcasting
unions stand in solidarity with POSPERT, colleagues at ERT and citizens in
Greece. This is a call for resistance and colleagues across the world will take
action to help defend public service broadcasting in Greece.”


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