Alter Summit warmly congratulates the Greek people!

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Alter Summit warmly congratulates the Greek people. They have clearly expressed its will for a change and the rejection of austerity ravaging the country for 5 years. It is a worthy and courageous choice.

Alter Summit also congratulates its Greek members who contributed to this victory with their daily commitment.

The tasks for a government with a mandate for change are enormous. The current elites, in Greece as in Europe, will make every effort and use any blackmail to oppose it. The support of the European social movement is therefore crucial for building the pathway chosen by the Greek people.

Alter Summit elaborated in its meeting of June 2013 in Athens - with more than 2000 people - its People’s Manifesto ; today, the claims it contains are more relevant than ever (see on our webite).

As first steps, Alter Summit supports the renegotiation:

  • of Greek debt, and more broadly debts hanging over all people ;
  • of Memoranda imposed to Greek people and others by undemocratic institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the European Central Bank (The Troika).

The Alter Summit will also continue to mobilize in Europe to reclaim the social, economic and political rights sacrificed on the altar of the crisis and to rebuild a society and an economy at the service of people.

Alter Summit calls to all interested organizations to attend its next assembly (5th and 6th of March) in Brussels to define our common priorities (registration:

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