Newsletter May 2014 - Roundup of useful information

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Roundup of useful information

Peoples’ Tribunal on EU Economic Governance
After six years of crisis, four years of new EU economic governance measures and four years of Troika implementing neoliberal policies, it is time to make up the balance of their devastating results.
The Tribunal will be held on 15 and 16 May in Brussels
Interested in taking part? Contact or

Two years after the first “Another Road for Europe” forum, the European Progressive Economists Network (euro-pen) in cooperation with Alter Summit has invited civil society organizations, social movements, networks, trade unions and political forces to a discussion at the European Parliament in Brussels on the ways out of the European crisis.
Final Document, Forum at the European Parliament, 19 March 2014

The European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN), presents its proposals for Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs) for 2014, based on its national and European-organization members’ assessment. EAPN’s synthesis report provides an overview of members’ findings on the social impact of the 2013 CSRs, i.e. recommendations of the European Commission to member States and their implementation, and proposes positive recommendations for the different States.>

CEO report on financial lobbies
The enormous influence and destructive power of financial markets became apparent with the global economic collapse of 2008 which fuelled a financial crisis from which Europe has yet to recover. Despite this manifest presence of “the financial lobby”, until now there has been no comprehensive survey of its size and power in the EU. This report is intended to fill that void.

Marches for Dignity
A report (in Spanish) on this mass mobilization…
An analysis of the historical importance of the mobilization (in Spanish)

Transform! publication
The brochure “Europe Has a Different Future” is a co-production of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and transform! europe and collects critical contributions from Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Germany and other countries.

Actions against the extreme Right
The French labour unions are uniting to combat the extreme Right…
An antifascist summit was held in Athens last 11-12 April; here is the programme
And the blog on the meeting and its conclusions: