Statement: Defend and promote public services everywhere!

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Alter Summit want to express all its support to the trade unions, associations or collectives across Europe acting for better public services and particularly on October 10, when trade unions and citizens will strike and take the streets in Belgium and France.

Read the report of the strike in Belgium (only in French)

The commons and public services are essential in sustaining life in society and for the well-being of all its citizens, making universal access to both, fundamental. They are also part of a redistribution of wealth in societies currently based on inequality. But defend public services means also to defend democratic practices and the participation of the population in defining a path for society.

Actual financialisation of capitalism is opening new avenues for the commercialization and privatization of public services. Free-trade agreements, austerity, fiscal policies and new public management complete this awful picture.

During the Rights4All Now Conference on last November, we highlighted the following requirements:

• To defend and strengthen the statute of public servants and agents
• To maintain and enlarge access to public services
• To stop privatizations of public services
• To rethink their utility in responding actual social needs and to see them as a project for the whole of society.

Health, Education, Housing, Water, Transport, Energy cannot be sold to private interests! Let’s defend all together public services in Europe

Brussels, 5th of October 2017