Latest update : 21 November 2019.


  • Pension reforms in Europe

    21 November 2019

    At the last Alter Summit meeting, we decided to produce a brochure on mobilisations against pension reforms in Europe.
    Therefore, we are interested in any information on this issue, especially on mobilizations and the reform agenda, from your country.
    Please forward any relevant information to

  • Towards convergence of struggles, building bridges for unity !

    15 October 2016

    While divisions in our society are deepening, our society has become an ultra competitive space. Social and economic inequality, as well as precarity and insecurity are normalized. Borders and walls revive a regime of militarized physical separation between "the privileged" and "the unprivileged". Fear, alienation and individualization dominate the public debate.

  • Defend and promote commons and public services for all

    15 October 2016

    BACK TO GENERAL PROGRAM REGISTER Friday 25 November Room: Salle Van Sint Jan
    14:00 – 15:30 Analyzing the context and clarifying concepts
    1. Public services, commons and social innovation - Presentation Speaker : Francine Mestrum, Global Social Justice 2. Identifying strategies/policies to privatise/marketise/marchandise Speaker: tbc 3. Free-trade and impact on commons and public services (TISA) Speaker : Pablo Sanchez, EPSU 4. Access to affordable quality housing and public health services Presentation Speaker : Sian Jones, EAPN Policy Coordinator
    15:30 – 16:00: Coffee break (...)

  • Resistance 2.0: Digitalization and technology push production and economy into transition. Organizing responses for a new labour reality.

    15 October 2016

    Friday November 25 Room: salle 3
    14:00-15:30 Analysing the reality
    1. Digitalisation at work Presentation By Fabien Gache, CGT Renault or SUD PTT representative
    2. "Independent" workers By Martin Willems, CNE
    16:00-18:00 Debate: Organizing resistance against new exploitation
    Panel Guéric Bosmans, FGTB Centrale Générale, BE Scott Jones, USDAW, on Deliveroo strike, UK Vasiliki Christopoulou, Call Center, GR Jakub Grzegorczyk, Workers Initiative, on Amazon, PO
    Saturday November 26
    9:30-11:30: Plenary on comon proposals
    *** Background Work is being (...)

  • Struggles against climate change and austerity: could the ecological transition be the issue that unites us?

    15 October 2016

    If climate change is not limited to the 1.5 degrees outlined by political leaders in Paris last December, it will not only become job-killer number one but will lead to enormous social and environmental degradation, seriously threatening our communities and the world we are fighting to create.

  • Program Rights4All Now!

    15 October 2016

    Linked event: GRESEA international seminar on Transnational corporations, Wednesday November 24 in Brussels
    Conference Venue: Rue Plétinckx 19
    PLENARY – 25.11 – 10:00 Social and labour rights in a time of austerity and deregulation: Strengthening and connecting the struggles in Europe! WORKSHOPS – 25.11 (14:00)-26.11 (9:30)
    I. Struggles against climate change and austerity: could the ecological transition be the issue that unites us? With: Campaign for the Welfare State, Corporate Europe Observatory, Transform.
    II. Resistance 2.0: (...)

  • Plenary Rights4All Now! - 25&26 November 2016 - Brussels

    15 October 2016

    In order to build our Europe, we must challenge the EU’s rules. The failure of its economic policies, its authoritarian policies, and the delegitimization of is bureaucracy are the breeding ground for the nationalist and xenophobic feelings that endanger democracy and peace.

  • Red card for „Loi Travail“ in France

    20 June 2016

    The Alter Summit network and its member organizations want to express their full support and solidarity to the French social movements in their struggle for the withdrawal of the Loi Travail.

  • Material

    16 May 2013

    All the communication material of the Alter Summit !
    For all the documents in Greek, see the weblog of the preparation working group here :
    Leaflet: Presentation of Alter Summit 2014
    Leaflet : Presentation of the Alter Summit 2012
    Manifesto : Final text
    Leaflet: Présentation de l’Alter Summit 2014
    Leaflet : Présentation de l’Alter Summit 2012
    Flyer : Ces politiques d’austérité qui frappent tout le monde, et plus durement les femmes !
    Flyer : Solidarité (...)

  • Videos

    16 May 2013

    Videos related to the Alter Summit in Athens, 7th and 8th June !
    Come gather round in Athens !
    People united against the Troika !
    Spanish / German
    English / German
    Come also to the Alter Summit !
    Call for an Alter Summit (Susan George)
    Bourdieu, le mouvement social européen et l’Alter Sommet
    Con queste mani

  • Get mobilized!

    18 April 2013

    The Alter Summit will take place in Athens on 7th and 8th June. This event will bring together European social movements is open to all. How to participate ? If you plan to come to Athens, you can already register. All the practical information will be provided here. The Alter Summit is a self financed event, and need your help to cover the expenses of the meetings, assemblies, preparation and communication. You can send a financial contribution using our paypal account or contact . In Athens, you can participate to one of the various assemblies (see the program). The (...)

  • Caravans towards Athens

    18 April 2013

    The aim of the caravans is to go to Athens and Alter Summit through rallies, marches, convoys, and to make the Alter Summit known in different cities, and encourage people to join in.
    The caravans will help publicize the struggles in Greece and countries of southern Europe, especially those involving grassroots movements and alternative practices. We want to give to the Altersummit a concrete content of solidarity and not only discussion about centralized alternatives.
    Some stops are already available : Paris - Frankfurt - Athens (late April to early June), other stops will be made (...)

  • Mobilization Map

    16 April 2013