Resistance 2.0: Digitalization and technology push production and economy into transition. Organizing responses for a new labour reality.


Friday November 25
Room: salle 3

Analysing the reality

1. Digitalisation at work Presentation
By Fabien Gache, CGT Renault or SUD PTT representative

2. "Independent" workers
By Martin Willems, CNE

Debate: Organizing resistance against new exploitation

- Guéric Bosmans, FGTB Centrale Générale, BE
- Scott Jones, USDAW, on Deliveroo strike, UK
- Vasiliki Christopoulou, Call Center, GR
- Jakub Grzegorczyk, Workers Initiative, on Amazon, PO

Saturday November 26

9:30-11:30: Plenary on comon proposals

Work is being transformed. New technologies and organizational processes are fragmenting, individualizing, delocalizing and intensifying tasks and the nature of work.

The framework of labour-protection measures no longer applies to millions of workers. And those protections that remain are being dismantled one-by-one under the pressure of neoliberal policies, manifested especially at the European level.

Social organizations have always more difficulty in responding to this new situation and in protecting jobs and working conditions. But new forms of organization and resistance are appearing, thus giving new perspectives for all popular struggles.

By combining concrete experiences from people coming different horizons but also from emerging resistances, we aim to begin the process of mapping out these central questions and their possible answers, building a common dynamic for continued discussion, construction and action.

The workshop will specifically discuss three main topics:
1. The new labour reality;
2. The gap between existing worker protections and this new labour reality;
3. The difficulties to organize resistance in this context.

The workshop will give space to testimonies of workers/collectives acting in this context. We finally want to discuss concrete proposals for the coming months and years to confront this situation at EU/European level.

With/Avec/Mit/Con  : Centrale Générale FGTB, Global Social Justice ; Solidaires ; Transform ; MayDay initiative