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Where is Europe going?

Social and political crisis, destruction of social protection, decline in labour rights, repression of protest, stigmatizing and racist discourses; at the eve of European elections on 26th of May, the panorama is not encouraging.

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European Elections: our proposals!

In May 2019, European Parliament elections will be held in the countries of the Union. They will be celebrated at a time when social mobilization is on the rise in different countries. We are taking advantage of these elections to share the analyses and proposals of our network, Alter Summit. Since 2013 we have been denouncing the abuses of European policies and contributing, at our level, to the construction of alternatives.

Municipalities and citizens movement defeat anti-democratic EU directive

Trade unions and other social movements, city councilors, municipalities, regional councils and even some governments can now claim victory over a proposal tabled by the European Commission in January 2017.

Struggles (luttes/luchas/kämpfe) in Europe

Declaration of support for the Yellow Vests movements in France, Belgium and all over Europe

The Yellow Vests movement, which emerged on November 2018, was born out of a catastrophic social and political situation throughout Europe.

8M: feminist mobilization with class point of view

On 8 March 2019, Galicia was one of the territories that participated in the international women’s strike, successfully focusing the debate on the issue of care and discrimination suffered by women both in and outside the workplace. This historic day of demonstrations paralyzed a large part of our country.

Youth in rebellion!

An act of individual civil disobedience - the climate school strike of young Greta Thunberg in Sweden - has become a real global movement. Nearly 1.5 million high school and university students mobilized on March 15 for an unprecedented climate strike. More than 2000 demonstrations have been recorded in the streets of 125 countries. A next global strike is already scheduled for May 24.

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