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Struggle of couriers and yellow vests: neoliberal hegemony in danger

The year 2018 is coming to an end and with it the transition that saw the Alter Summit secretariat integrated into the Gresea team. Today our network enjoys relative stability and better opportunities for collaboration.

EU (UE) - Politics - Statements/Calls

Transnational Couriers’ Assembly #riders4rights

With the support of the Alter Summit network, the first European courier assembly was held on 25 and 26 October in Brussels. Bringing together more than 60 couriers from 12 European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Finland) accompanied by some trade unionists and researchers, this assembly made possible the development of a common strategy to fight platform abuses.

The European Pillar of Broken Promises!

As already reported in the Alter summit newsletter, in 2015 EPSU signed an agreement with central/federal government employers to grant EU minimum standards on information and consultation rights to 9.8 million public employees in Europe (point 8 of the EPSR acknowledges these rights to all workers in Europe).

Stop the EU’s Services Notification Procedure - municipalities need democratic space to protect the interests of citizens!

A coalition of more than 75 civil society groups, unions, mayors and progressive parties running major European cities has come out to oppose a controversial proposed EU directive (modification of Bolkenstein directive) that has been pushed by business lobbies and would create major new obstacles for progressive municipal policies and initiatives.

Struggles (luttes/luchas/kämpfe) in Europe

Mobilizations for climate justice

In September 2018, at the COP 24 preparatory meeting in Bangkok, delegates representing some of the world’s smallest and poorest countries accused the United States and other Western countries of failing to live up to their green investment commitments.

Galicia – Spain: Slavery 2.0.

Fighting false cooperatives and false self-employement: the labour inspection obliges company Servicarne to register 5000 self-employed workers to the social security system.

The Ryanair strike against low labour standards. Made simple

“Ryanair must change”. This simple message, emblazoned on T-shirts in the familiar shades of yellow and blue, stood out loud and clear in airport lobbies of at least seven countries on 28 September.

Macron’s Announcements: smoke screen to preserve tax injustice and gifts to the wealthiest

While the whole country has a strong desire for more social and fiscal justice, Emmanuel Macron has finally spoken out, after three weeks of silence, but refuses to change course.

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